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Quitlines (United States)PatchGumLozengeSprayInhalerVareniclineBupropionPatchGumLozengeSprayInhalerVareniclineBupropionTo Receive MedicationWebsiteUpdated
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AlabamaMust be an Alabama resident over 18 years old and meet medical/physical criteria; if under 18 or pregnant, physician approval required. All callers requesting NRT must agree to coaching. Medicaid and Plan First recipients must use their plan's pharmaceutical benefits.
AlaskaAll Alaskan adults (18+) who enroll in the multi-call counseling program are eligible to receive free combination therapy (patch and gum or lozenge). Participants are eligible to receive 4 weeks of patch and 2 weeks of gum or lozenge with one enrollment every 6 months (or 2 times per year).
ArizonaResident of Arizona, Medicare, Medicaid, and uninsured recipient. Clients with the following conditions or who are under the age of 18 also need prior approval from their physician: history of irregular heart rhythms, worsening chest pain, high blood pressure, an incident of heart attacks, and preg.
ArkansasTobacco users 18 and over who are ready to quit within 30 days
CaliforniaA 2-week supply of nicotine patches is available for eligible parents of children aged 0-5, pregnant women with doctor approval, callers to the nationwide Asian Smokers' Quitline, and residents of Alameda or San Francisco counties.
ColoradoEnroll in the QuitLine phone or online program, must be 18 years of age or older, and medically eligible. To receive varenicline, a participant must be 18 years of age or older, a Colorado Medicaid member, and enrolled in telephone coaching.
ConnecticutCT resident enrolled in multi-call counseling program or web-only program. 18 years old and older
DelawareParticipation in Counseling Program; Income; DE residents 18 years old and older; Medical screening with prescription required for Rx medications.
FloridaMust be 18 years or older and pass a medical screening.
GeorgiaMust be 18 years old, meet basic health requirements, and be ready to quit within the next 30 days.
GuamResident of Guam. Aged 18 years and older. Are ready to quit within the next 30 days.
HawaiiMultiple Call Program. Insured & Medicare are eligible for 2 wks of free patches, gum, or lozenges. Medicaid 4 wks of free patches, gum, or lozenges. Uninsured up to 8 wks of free patches, gum, or lozenges. Stand-alone web program 2 wks of patch, gum, or lozenges. Combination Therapy available
IdahoResident of Idaho and 18 years of age or older.
IllinoisThe following types of clients do not qualify for the ITQL NRT program: •Persons under the age of 18 •Pregnant women and persons for whom NRT is medically contraindicated •Medicaid recipients •Clients with private insurance coverage for NRT products •Clients currently enrolled in NRT
Iowa8 weeks of patch, gum, or lozenges to callers with Medicare or who are uninsured.
Kentuckya resident of Kentucky, age 18 or older, uninsured or Medicare, enrolled in counseling
LouisianaTo receive tobacco cessation medications, the caller should be 18 years or older, and should have no other contraindications to the medications. FDA approved tobacco cessation medications are available via Louisiana Tobacco Quitline.
MaineYES to NRT: Age 18+; Uninsured, most Commercially insured; Medicare; Pregnancy w/approval from provider; If no medical use exclusion; ENDS users. NO to NRT: Under age 18; Some Medicaid prts; medical use exclusions w/out provider permission; quit for over 30 days.
MarylandAge 18 or older, while supplies last, and meet basic health requirements.
MassachusettsMedical eligibility criteria; Age 18 or over
MichiganNRT is also available to Michigan residents who are 18 and over and either uninsured, veterans, or cancer patients. American Indians enrolling in the American Indian program also receive free NRT. Prenatal enrollees can obtain NRT through the Quitline with authorization from their physician.
Minnesota4 weeks of NRT through the Quit Partner for uninsured and underinsured (no coverage for telephone counseling and/or NRT through health plan) age 18 or older with no medical contraindications. 2 week starter kits available to all Minnesotans age 18 or older with no medical contraindications.
MississippiResident of state, 18 years or older, enrollment in counseling, medically stable.
MissouriAll tobacco users ages 18 and up can receive a 2-week starter pack of OTC NRT (while funding lasts).
MontanaMontana resident and completion of one coaching call
NebraskaOffered through Nebraska Medicaid only
NevadaNV resident, 18 years of age, not pregnant Insurance coverage determines duration and availability of medications
New HampshireMust be over 18 and participate in coaching calls Exclusively available to Medicaid, Medicare and uninsured individuals
New JerseyAge 18+; NJ resident; 10cig/day or more; Plan to quit within 30 days or recently quit smoker currently using NRT for up to 30 days or recently quit smokers up to 2 weeks and not using NRT; No contraindications ; Agree to quit date callback-while supplies last.
New MexicoMust be age 18 or older, ready to quit within 30 days, participating in counseling and have no contraindications for nicotine replacement therapy.
New YorkAge 18+; NYS resident; 10cig/day or more; Plan to quit within 30 days or recently quit smoker currently using NRT for up to 30 days or recently quit smokers up to 2 weeks and not using NRT; No contraindications ; Agree to quit date callback. Traditional tobacco and ENDS users.
North CarolinaMedicaid & Medicare insured or uninsured enrolled in multicall program 18 years of age and older
North Dakota8 week supply available to any North Dakota resident (18 and older) who enrolls in counseling and is uninsured or underinsured.
OhioFor NRT- Caller must be willing to enroll in the quitline counseling program and make a quit attempt in the next 30 days; must be 18 years of age or older; must not be pregnant; must not have medical contraindications such as cardiovascular disease, etc.;
OklahomaInsured participants are eligible for the single call program and get 2 weeks of patches, gum or lozenge. Uninsured participants are eligible for enrollment in the intensive, proactive program and can receive up to 8 weeks of combination therapy free patches, gum or lozenge.
OregonAge 18+, no medical contraindications
PennsylvaniaAge (18 years and older); complete medical screening questions
Puerto Rico
Rhode IslandResident of state, Age 18+, No medical conditions preventing use
South CarolinaRegistered and uninsured, underinsured, Medicare, Medicaid receive free NRT ranging from 2-week starter kit to 12-weeks of combo NRT products. Pregnant/breastfeeding or under 18 yrs not eligible for medication.
South DakotaMust be a South Dakota resident (have a South Dakota address and phone number); Must be a current tobacco user (including e-cigarette users) ready to quit, or have quit within the past 30 days. Must enroll and participate in counseling to receive free medications through the phone service.
TennesseeParticipating in counseling and no medical contraindications.
TexasParticipants, a minimum of 18 years, who: self identify as: pregnant, diagnosed with a mental health disorder, diagnosed with a chronic tobacco-related health condition, are uninsured, referred from a health care provider or a resident of a county served by a DSHS-funded tobacco control coalition
Utahup to 8 weeks of patch, gum, lozenge or patch + gum available to those 18 and older who are enrolled in counseling services. -NRT is also available through many health plans. Stand Alone web participants can receive 4 weeks of NRT. Individual Services pts can receive 2 wks NRT
VermontAll Vermont smokers over the age of 18
Virginia18 and over
WashingtonAge 18+ Must be enrolled in counseling No medical contraindications Not pregnant
Washington, D.C.4 weeks of patch or lozenge to participatns 18 years and older who participate in counseling program.
West VirginiaWest Virginia Resident
Wisconsin18 years and older, without medical exclusions; 2-week starter kit of patch, gum or lozenge once per 12 months
WyomingWyoming resident and 18 or older.
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Quitlines (Canada)PatchGumLozengeSprayInhalerVareniclineBupropionPatchGumLozengeSprayInhalerVareniclineBupropionTo Receive MedicationWebsiteUpdated
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British ColumbiaTobacco cessation medications are available outside of the quitline. Yearly, BC smokers have access to 12-weeks of free nicotine patch/gum/inhaler or lozenge ,if they qualify under Pharmacare, subsidized Champix or Zyban. Go to local pharmacist for the free nicotine products.
New Brunswickn/a
Newfoundland and LabradorThis quitline does not provide medications.
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
QuebecNRT, Zyban and Chantix are offered free since 2000 in Quebec. People are allowed to 1 treatment a year(12 weeks) They can combine gum and patches. We have collective prescription available everywhere in Quebec, phamacist can prescribe free NRT.
YukonCallers can be referred to local programming where NRTs are offered for free under certain conditions.